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186 NW 68th Avenue
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Mine Product List

We carry a wide variety of materials for all your construction needs. Please call for current availability and product listing. If you do not see the product you are looking for please contact us at (352) 291-9136

Our Products Not Pictured: Limestone Commercial 67, Limestone Commercial 89, Aglime, Horse Track Footing, Florida Fieldstone

Contact the mine for orders, estimates, or product availability.

14850 West Highway 328
Ocala, FL 34482
Ph: 352-291-9136

FDOT Base Limerock

Double Crush ( 1.5″ Minus)

Rip Rap / Ditch Liner

Creek Liner

Wheel Wash
( 3″ – 4″ Minus Crushed Concrete)

Commercial 57
( 1/4″ – 1.5″ Crushed Concrete )

Crushed Concrete
(screenings for pavers/fines)

Top Soil

It is our objective on each project to perform on time, within budget and at an exceptional level of workmanship. Our construction expertise encompasses a wide range of services. 

Corporate Office

186 NW 68th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34482

Ph: 352-840-0161
Fx: 352-867-1859

328 Limerock Mine

14850 West Highway 328
Ocala, FL 34482   

Ph: 352-291-9136
Fx: 352-291-9137